Thursday, May 27, 2010

Special Cover from India

This is one of the special cover from India Philatelic Exhibition - Stamps Mania 2009 (17th - 20th December 2009)

During this 4-day exhibition, a carried cover, 4 special covers, one for each day were issued:
1.  Frontier Mail – 17th December 2009
2.  Balasinor     – 18th December 2009
3.  Save Energy   – 19th December 2009
4.  Jasu Patel    – 20th December 2009

Showing above is the special cover - Save Energy, issued on 19th December 2009, with the stamps of denomination 5 Rupiah from "Greetings" series (issued on 1st December 2009)

I only have this with me and looking forward to have another three special covers

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