Thursday, May 27, 2010

FDCs - History Of Polish Photography

number of stamps: 4 designs
denomination: all in PLN 1,95
issued date: 31 March 2010

country: POLAND

Special Cover from India

This is one of the special cover from India Philatelic Exhibition - Stamps Mania 2009 (17th - 20th December 2009)

During this 4-day exhibition, a carried cover, 4 special covers, one for each day were issued:
1.  Frontier Mail – 17th December 2009
2.  Balasinor     – 18th December 2009
3.  Save Energy   – 19th December 2009
4.  Jasu Patel    – 20th December 2009

Showing above is the special cover - Save Energy, issued on 19th December 2009, with the stamps of denomination 5 Rupiah from "Greetings" series (issued on 1st December 2009)

I only have this with me and looking forward to have another three special covers

Malaysia-Korea Joint Issue: TIGER

Special Tiger FDC with postmark of Alor Star and Penang PO

Blindness Issue - Souvenir Sheet from Brazil

Braille Souvenir Sheet - The first Braille stamps (with letters embrossed in Braille) issued by Brazil in 1974.

FDCs from Finland issued on 8th March 2010

(i) My Easter Kirsti Doukas FDC
(ii) Easter twins FDC

Braille Scripts - From A - Z

Blindness Issues - Bicentenery of the Birth of Louis Braille FDC (2009)

This is a FDC from Czech Republic, issued on 2nd January 2009 in conjunction of the bicentenery of the birth of Louis Braille.

More issues on this collection theme can be veiwed at: